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Eldercare FAQ

CloseBy Network Eldercare System

Digital Home Convergence Designs is offering the CloseBy Network Eldercare System, which allows families to remotely monitor the activities of their elderly or disabled loved ones, enabling them to stay in their own homes longer. This gives families peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for, while preserving their loved one's financial assets for a "rainy day."

Built on the Control4 home automation platform, the CloseBy Network Eldercare System uses sensors and software tied to a secure web application to provide real time information as well as email or text message alerts. Families can choose what to monitor, how to receive the information, and who should be sent alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits show/hide

  • Who is the typical customer for CloseBy Network? Expand
  • What are the benefits of CloseBy Network to the Care Givers? Expand
  • What are the benefits to the Care Recipient? Expand
  • Do loved ones need to learn anything new? Expand
  • How does the CloseBy Network work? Expand
  • What information can Care Givers expect to receive? Expand
  • What if they don’t want everyone in the care network to have all the information? Expand
  • What if someone goes on vacation and doesn’t want to receive alerts Expand

Key Features show/hide

  • Easy to Use and Unobtrusive Expand
  • Flexible and Expandable Expand
  • Monitored Only by Trusted Caregivers Expand
  • Reduced Cost of Care Expand

How does it work show/hide

  • How Secure is the CloseBy Network system? Expand
  • How much does it cost and is there a monthly monitoring fee? Expand
  • What do I get for my monthly monitoring access fee? Expand
  • Does the system incorporate video monitoring? Expand
  • What is included in the CloseBy Network package? Expand
  • Do changes to the system require a visit from Digital Home Convergence Designs? Expand
  • What is the Warranty for CloseBy Network? Expand
  • Does this system require the care recipient to have broadband access in their home? Expand
  • Does the system interact with emergency response call centers? Expand
  • How long do you store the data in the CloseBy System? Expand
  • How do I know if the battery is running low on any of the hardware? Expand
  • What happens when my system loses communication through broadband? Expand
  • Is CloseBy Network compliant with HIPPA? Expand

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