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CloseBy Network Eldercare System

Digital Home Convergence Designs is offering the CloseBy Network Eldercare System, which allows families to remotely monitor the activities of their elderly or disabled loved ones, enabling them to stay in their own homes longer. This gives families peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for, while preserving their loved one's financial assets for a "rainy day."

Built on the Control4 home automation platform, the CloseBy Network Eldercare System uses sensors and software tied to a secure web application to provide real time information as well as email or text message alerts. Families can choose what to monitor, how to receive the information, and who should be sent alerts.



There are various uses of sensors throughout the home of the elderly. Here is an example of a microsensor mounted on a fridge.


Here you can see how unobtrusive the micro sensors are mounted on a fridge, it easely blends in with the hardware. The sensor can be used to monitor the eating habits of the elderly.


The use of motion sensors can not only be used to monitor activity in the room. They can also be used to automatically turn off lights after a certain time of inactivity, thus saving energy.


Here is an example of what an email alert on a mobile device looks like. Caregivers can be notified at any time, when travelling, or even if they don't live close to the elder. It provides them with peace of mind knowing they are automatically alerted of anything unusual with their elderly parent.

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