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At Digital Home Convergence Designs, Inc., we are continuously evaluating the latest technologies and products from the world's best suppliers in the digital home space. This includes: home theater electronics, media servers, climate and lighting control systems, other consumer electronics, smart-home equipment and software. We pride ourselves in working with partners and suppliers that provide best-of-breed products, services and support in the industry.

iHiji is the only zero-maintenance, cloud-based, remote network management solution for IT professionals and technology integrators. The award-winning iHiji invision solution is easy to set up, uses a low-cost, palm-sized appliance as the only onsite hardware, and gives service providers a centralized, web-based dashboard with visibility into multiple client networks at once. Subsequently, iHiji's customers become more proactive and efficient, eliminating up to 50% of service calls lowering the overall operatig costs of a customers network.

As a iHiji Certified Professional, we offer:

The iHiji Invision Service

iHiji invision is a remote network management tool to disagnose, troubleshoot and repair problems with your network or network connected devices. The solution is designed to help keep uptime and reliability of your network and automation systems at their highest level. The invision system can alert us here at Digital Home Convergence Designs when certain problems occur and often allow us to diagnose and repair many issues without the need to visit your home. This service can protect your investment, ensuring it performs to its optimal level, while helping reduce service calls and failures.

With iHiji invision you can monitor your ISP's delivered internet speed over time. It keeps a historical record you can refer back to at any time, helping us at Digital Home Convergence Designs identify if and when a network failure occured. It can also be used to compare your actual vs. your promised speed.

The iHiji Network Management Tools

Using one of iHiji's network appliances, together with the cloud-based iHiji invision solution, we can securely gain access to key indicators related to the performance and health of your networks and devices. Alerts delivered according to predetermined thresholds allow us here at Digital Home Convergence Designs to take preemptive action and avert a potential device or network failure.

As integrators of audio visual, automation and security systems we can manage all your network devices via iHiji invision as part of a managed services package. As more and more devices related to the Internet of Things (IoT) attach to the network, we can identify network problems early on, and keep your network uptime at the highest level.

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