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At Digital Home Convergence Designs, Inc., we are continuously evaluating the latest technologies and products from the world's best suppliers in the digital home space. This includes: home theater electronics, media servers, climate and lighting control systems, other consumer electronics, smart-home equipment and software. We pride ourselves in working with partners and suppliers that provide best-of-breed products, services and support in the industry.

The name Sunfire is synonymous with subwoofers. Bob Carver's innovative designs in the early 1990's are what created the small box, high power subwoofer that has evolved to what you know and love today. His unique designs are at the heart and soul of every amplifier and subwoofer that Sunfire makes.

As a Sunfire Certified Professional, we offer:

Cinema Ribbon

Looks can be deceiving … The Cinema Ribbons are far from being a "typical" small loudspeaker. They are able to play as loud, with the same low distortion and wide frequency range of the best big floor-standing loudspeakers. The magic comes from decades of research on speakers and the way humans perceive sound …

The Cinema Ribbon Trios are built with the same acclaimed technology and craftsmanship of the Cinema Ribbon Duos, but feature dramatic performance upgrades that take them into a class all their own. The result? A 440-Watt, On-Wall tour-de-force that has absolutely no equal.

Atmos XT

It will leave the rational part of your brain fighting for its life. The Atmos XT subwoofer is designed to give you the best possible low-frequency sound quality for your Home Theater experience. It incorporates a tremendously powerful 1400 Watt built-in amplifier and a pair of drivers to produce tight, floor-rumbling, denture-rattling bass that you can feel as well as hear.

Loud, yes - and unobtrusive, with a cabinet just 8 inches tall. The Atmos XT can put out enough power for most modern living spaces - and look stylishly diminutive too! For even more of the cleanest bass around, you can easily connect two Atmos subs with one single wire and go where few have dared to before.

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