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Dihoco Support

Dihoco Support

There are times when we need to access your computer and your home automation equipment, in order to resolve issues that can only be handled from within your private home network. On those rare occasions we will need to "take over" your computer.

Your IP address is:

Remote Support

DiHoCo uses TeamViewer, a small downloadable application that will start a remote session with your Mac/PC desktop. Access to your computer can only be explicitly granted by you and lasts only for the duration of the session. Once the session has finished, all remote access will be disabled, and your computer will return to its normal state.

How to get started:

  1. Download TeamViewer (Other)
  2. Install the downloaded application on your computer (*)
  3. Start the application
  4. When prompted, provide Your ID and Password to the support engineer, as indicated in the example to the right.

(*) You can find the downloaded TeamViewer installation file in the following folder:

Additional Teamviewer downloads

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