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At Digital Home Convergence Designs, Inc., we are continuously evaluating the latest technologies and products from the world's best suppliers in the digital home space. This includes: home theater electronics, media servers, climate and lighting control systems, other consumer electronics, smart-home equipment and software. We pride ourselves in working with partners and suppliers that provide best-of-breed products, services and support in the industry.

TiVo has evolved from the pioneer of the DVR to its role today as a leading provider of advanced television to the cable industry. TiVo creates consumer products and software to deliver a branded viewing experience that integrates traditional and next-generation TV.

As a TiVo Certified Professional, we offer:

What is TiVo really?

Get all your favorite shows movies, music and more from a simple and easy-to-navigate menu. Just click the TiVo button on your remote and a world of entertainment is at your fingertips.

At a glance, you'll see what's on now that you might like to watch. Quickly review which popular shows, personal favorites and sporting events are now playing - so you'll never have to surf channels again.

Set up a Season Pass® recording and your TiVo will record every episode for you, all season long, even if the time changes. You can also tailor your Season Pass® to record every episode or just every new episode.

Finding the things you love is a snap with a WishList® search. Have a subject, title, actor or director you're curious about? Just set up a WishList® search and your TiVo box will search all your programming 24/7/365 and record it for you.

The Worlds Best DVR?

No other device scours TV programming, available on-demand libraries, and the web, to find exactly what you want like TiVo does. Like an entertainment search engine, it presents you with a list of great options, so there's almost nothing you can't start watching in seconds

The TiVo Roamio Pro has up to 6 tuners so you'll never miss any of your favorite TV shows or movies, even if they are on at the same time. It can store up to 450 hrs of HD recordings on its 3TB hard drive.

Using TiVo Stream you can watch live TV or recordings on your iOS device — AND not only can you do it at home, but also when you are away traveling. You can even download recordings onto your iOS device for offline watching while on a plane.

Share your DVR throughout your home

TiVo Mini allows you to enjoy and access all the entertainment from your main TiVo DVR anywhere in your home — Smart — Simple — Mini.

Family photos, books, tchotchkes - you'll have more room on your shelf for all the things you love thanks to the mini size of TiVo Mini.

Your Favorite Entertainment Apps

With TiVo and through its online partners, you can access an entire universe of on-demand movies, web videos, streaming music, podcasts and more.

Enjoy thousands of movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and XFINITY On Demand. Plus, watch every ball-game your favorite team plays this season.

Bring the music you love to life, right on your TV. Stream your favorite artists, albums and genres whether you're working, working out, cooking, playing, hosting or relaxing. You can also listen to music from your PC.

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