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CloseBy Network Eldercare System

Digital Home Convergence Designs is offering the CloseBy Network Eldercare System, which allows families to remotely monitor the activities of their elderly or disabled loved ones, enabling them to stay in their own homes longer. This gives families peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for, while preserving their loved one's financial assets for a "rainy day."

Built on the Control4 home automation platform, the CloseBy Network Eldercare System uses sensors and software tied to a secure web application to provide real time information as well as email or text message alerts. Families can choose what to monitor, how to receive the information, and who should be sent alerts.


Grant Jones

Grant Jones

“We were able to keep his dignity intact... This thing has true and real benefits to everybody — the parent, the siblings — in keeping that person home, healthy and happy in their later years in life.”

— Grant Jones
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Rachelle Brueford

Rachelle Brueford

“It gave us a real sense of security. My father has dementia... It would be a real concern for him to wander out toward the river and we didn't want that to happen, so the motion detector can alert us if he's out there.”

— Rachelle Brueford
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Cody Fraughton Jones

Cody Fraughton

“We wanted to make sure that she was in a place that was comfortable for her and that she felt safe in. We can get online and know that she came in the house at 5:30, that's when she's in the living room... so we know that she is okay.”

— Cody Fraughton
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